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NAPA AutoCare Center Increases Revenue by 30% with Facebook Ads

Penfield Service Center

Fairfield, CT Auto Repair

Penfield Service Center is a family-owned business that serves the Fairfield neighborhood. The quality of their services is all thanks to the passion behind the entire staff. The hard work and dedication that this staff has put into the business shows by priding itself on being an AAA-approved auto shop as well as a NAPA AutoCare Center.








Located in a community with strong competition, Penfield Service Center’s traditional advertising and basic online presence was not driving the business growth that the auto shop was needing.
The shop was very active on social media, receiving quite a bit of traction from posting on its Facebook Business page – but this wasn’t enough. Penfield Service Center knew there was more growth potential with social media and wanted to do more. That is when the auto shop approached RocketLevel to see how they could get more business from Facebook – the channel with over 1.49 billion daily active users.
Overall, Penfield Service Center wanted to drive more exposure of its brand which would ultimately drive more website traffic and lead to higher sales.

Before teaming up with RocketLevel, it felt like my shop lacked the exposure it needed to gain brand identity within the neighborhood.

Bob Trez, Penfield Service Center


Penfield Service Center was right about Facebook’s potential. With the goal of boosting brand awareness, Facebook advertising was the obvious solution. By coupling targeted Facebook ads with customer journeys to nurture generated leads, Penfield had the ability to gain the audience it was seeking in order to acquire long-term customers.
To start, Penfield Service Center chose a Facebook ad template from RocketLevel’s Facebook Ad Library. They then customized the ad with a chosen image and copy advertising a coupon for “SPECIAL: $69.99 Air Conditioning Service.” RocketLevel then used Facebook’s powerful audience targeting capabilities to create a custom audience for Penfield, targeting 21-65 year olds within a ten mile radius of the Fairfield community.
When clicked, the Facebook ad’s call-to-action button linked to a dedicated RocketLevel landing page with the advertised coupon. In addition to consistent messaging with the ad, the landing page included Penfield’s logo and overall look and feel of the brand. It also displayed an easy-to-fill out form where a visitor could download the coupon to redeem later or book an appointment.
When the form is filled out, the new lead is automatically added to RocketLevel’s Lite CRM and is opted into the Promotional Ad customer journey. This journey immediately sends an email to the lead, thanking them for their interest and sending a link to the coupon. Once this email has been opened, a series of emails are sent to the lead over the course of a few weeks, each with the call-to-action to book an appointment. In addition, each of the emails in the journey provides more information about why Penfield is the best auto shop to trust for a car repair, and keeps the shop top of mind until the lead decides to make a purchase decision with Penfield Service Center.

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The results of Penfield Service Center’s first year on the RocketLevel platform are astounding. Since joining RocketLevel, the shop has seen a 30% increase in new revenue, with 12% of that coming from new customers!
Over the course of the year, Penfield’s Facebook ads have received more than 500,000 impressions, 4,000 link clicks and 4,192 interactions. As one of the first auto shops to run Facebook ads targeting the local Fairfield community, Penfield Service Center is standing out amongst its competition – increasing new customers as well as retention.

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Repairing cars isn’t the only thing Bob Trez, owner of Penfield Service Center is passionate about! In the past, Bob ran an auto shop talk show on the radio. Since partnering with RocketLevel and becoming more familiar with the power of Facebook, he has felt encouraged to relaunch the auto shop talk show and plans on sharing the show via Facebook Live videos!

My favorite thing about RocketLevel is that even though all of the marketing strategy is done for me, I can still add my company’s personal touch to our campaigns.

Bob Trez, Penfield Service Center

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